Arrowhead Lodge Recovery - Prescott AZ 86305

5281 W Lonesome Hawk Dr Prescott Arizona 86305

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery is a residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center in Prescott Arizona. “Sober Living House” is the name of its Transitional Housing program. “Sober Living House” has a strong commitment to helping addicts and alcoholics overcome addictions. The program uses an outpatient residential and inpatient model depending on the individual’s needs. The program offers programs like detoxification social activities and educational classes. The programs are designed to help addicts gain the skills and knowledge they need to become independent and stay that way.

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery was founded by Dr. Larry Oakes. The goal of Arrowhead Lodge is to provide a safe supportive environment for the addict to achieve sobriety and a healthy life. The mission of the Arrowhead lodge is to “rebuild lives promote well-being enhance wellness and bring people together in a spirit of friendship respect and appreciation.” They believe that when you give someone the opportunity to grow it is important to help them succeed. They believe that addicts need to be helped as much as they need to be cured. They believe that addicts are at the top of the list of priority to help.

In addition to residential treatment the Arrowhead recovery centers also offer outpatient treatment. The outpatient treatment process is very different from the residential treatment process. When someone is admitted to Arrowhead Lodge recovery they will be offered a comprehensive program that addresses the needs of each patient individually. This means that a detox program will be tailored to the specific needs of an individual addict. When they leave recovery they will have completed a twelve-step recovery program and learn about what they can do to keep them sober which involves educating themselves strengthening their relationships and creating a support network. The twelve-step program also includes self-help groups. Arrowhead Lodge recovery also offers classes in basic First Aid Drug Abuse Reduction and Alcohol and Drug Treatment Counseling.

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