- Balance Ranch Academy - Tucson AZ 85705

380 East Fort Lowell Road Tucson AZ 85705
(520) 622-0771(520) 622-0771

The In Balance Ranch Academy in Tucson AZ offers a wide variety of activities for children and their parents, including dance classes, art classes, gymnastics, music lessons and sports. “INTENSIVE INPATIENT PRACTICE FOR SUBCHEDRAL DISORDERS” – The program is centered on creating an environment where the students can deal with issues like drug abuse, sexual abuse, and other substance abuse problems. The program combines counseling, group therapy, and individual psychotherapy with a positive approach to teaching and training. Classes are available for children ranging from infants to teenagers and each class includes a set of activities and an ongoing goal of helping a child develop into a responsible adult. Classes are taught by certified professionals who have a wealth of knowledge about addiction and substance abuse.

In Balance Ranch Academy in Tucson AZ offers the most unique curriculum and activities, focusing on teaching a holistic approach to drug abuse, alcoholism, and other problems. The classes are taught by certified psychologists, addiction specialists, educators and social workers with years of experience dealing with substance abuse issues. The program is completely confidential, unlike many programs that focus on just one aspect of treatment. This program also takes into consideration the need to create an environment that encourages healthy interaction between families and helps individuals cope with the challenges of addiction. The program also incorporates the best of traditional, behavioral and social-behavioral treatment to help patients overcome addiction.

In Balance Ranch Academy in Tucson AZ is a school which is a part of the University of Arizona. The school is located on the west side of Tucson, in the middle of a beautiful area known as the Desert Park neighborhood. The school has received rave reviews from all over the country and is considered one of the finest treatment centers for substance abuse and alcohol dependency. It offers both residential treatment for adults and inpatient treatment for children. The main campus has facilities which are designed to handle children and adults in residential settings. The treatment program includes inpatient services for adults, outpatient services for children and family counseling.

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