Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. - Homewood AL 35209

2 Metroplex Dr # 500, Birmingham, AL 35209

Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. (BHS) is an organization dedicated to providing medical services in a holistic manner and to the most vulnerable individuals with the highest standards of care and compassion, regardless of race or ethnicity. The BHS philosophy of care is that while a patient is ill, healthy behavior is key to overall health.

BHS is not affiliated with any specific healthcare organization; therefore, no one will be able to provide all the services that are needed to ensure a patient’s complete care. In fact, the staff at BHS is highly trained and experienced in providing quality services to clients, regardless of their healthcare background. For example, patients with developmental disabilities may need a variety of special needs-services that are often not provided by traditional providers-to ensure that they receive the most appropriate type of services possible. BHS uses several different types of models for addressing each of these needs, as well as a host of other unique services. A full range of services including therapeutic and educational programming, medication education, behavioral modification and referral services, emergency services, respite care, family therapy and support groups are provided. As you can see, there are several ways that you can benefit from behavioral health systems, Inc.

When you seek care at Behavioral Health Systems, Inc., you are in the best possible hands. You will receive the highest quality medical care, which will enhance the quality of your life, as well as the quality of life of your loved ones.

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