Bridge Inc - Fort Payne AL 35967

100 7th Street NE Fort Payne AL 35967

Bridge Inc. is a Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation center, located in Fort Payne, AL. It is a non profit organization that provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Bridge is committed to helping people who have a substance abuse problem. Bridge also offers several programs for those who wish to stay clean and sober. Bridge has an extensive program of outpatient treatment services for their members. They offer a detoxification facility, a recovery center, residential care, group home care and outpatient programs. Bridge offers an addiction treatment center for adults and children.\n\n \n\nSubstance Abuse Treatment Services – Drug Addiction Treatment Center – Bridge Inc. is a drug addiction treatment center. Substance Abuse Treatment Center specializes in offering comprehensive inpatient drug and alcohol rehab services for adult, adolescent and family services. This treatment center is located at 100 7th Street, NE Fort Payne, Alabama. The center offers treatment for all types of drug or alcohol addiction such as alcoholics, co-occurring substance abuse, drug addicts, alcohol detoxification, and substance abuse. Addiction treatments offered by this Center are designed to provide treatment to individuals and families seeking to overcome substance abuse.\n\n \n\nSubstance Abuse Counseling Approach – This Addiction Treatment Center has been in operation since 1972. Bridge’s Approach centers on the understanding that addicts become victims of their addiction because they view substance abuse as an acceptable solution to life’s problems. Substance Abuse Counseling Approach aims to educate addicts about their addiction by helping them understand that their addiction is a condition that needs to be treated. The Center helps addicts overcome their addiction through education, support, and medication. The Center offers an addiction treatment center program that is designed to help people overcome the destructive behaviors and patterns that led to their addiction.

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