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The process of finding a suitable drug addiction treatment center is one that many are faced with in their search for the best help possible. The first step to drug treatment involves the voluntary act of using drugs on a regular basis. However over time a person’s power to decide whether or not to stop using drugs becomes impaired. Addiction affects various parts of the brain including memory reward motivation learning and emotion.

There is not one single drug that is an addiction but instead many drugs that interact in the body and brain with each other to create a drug dependence which can have several stages of symptoms such as withdrawal symptoms cravings and the inability to quit. Each person is different when it comes to determining their individual need for drugs. An addiction can be caused by both a physical and mental problem. Physical addiction is often caused by an overdose of drugs whereas mental problems may include depression anxiety or stress. Both physical and mental addictions can become intertwined. When a person becomes physically dependent on drugs the drug dependency itself can also trigger a mental addiction leading to drug use on a daily basis.

There are a number of methods available to treat drug use some of which involve medication and others involve an individual undergoing therapy. If a drug is not the cause of an addiction then the person may be able to overcome their addiction by changing their lifestyle and behavior. However for many people their addiction may be so serious that only inpatient addiction treatment may be beneficial. This will require several weeks of therapy and the intervention of a mental health care professional to help determine the best course of action.

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Drug addiction is a mental disorder that influences both physical and mental behavior. Drug addic...
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