Community Medical Services - Sierra Vista - Sierra Vista AZ 85635

302 S El Camino Real Bldg 10-C Sierra Vista Arizona 85635

“Community Medical Services – Sierra Vista is an outstanding leader in community drug rehabilitation specializing in utilizing Medication-assisted treatment (Suboxone Methadone Vivitrol) along with psychosocial treatment to help individuals suffering from opiate-use problems such as heroin dependence and opiate addictions to prescription pain medications.” “More often than not communities in which addicts have been exposed to street drugs the law enforcement response is often very swift and harsh resulting in jail time fines and often mandatory community incarceration. The reality of being placed in a closed setting away from family and friends often results in further addiction.” “Community Medical Services – Sierra Vista is an exceptional leader in community drug rehabilitation focusing on using Medications-assisted treatment (Suboxone Methadone Vivitrol) along with psychosocial treatment to help individuals suffering from opiate-use disorders.” “The goal of the organization is to provide assistance to people experiencing drug addiction regardless of the severity or the type of addiction. We strive to offer personalized care that is individualized to meet the needs of each patient while reducing any stress that may result from their illness and the stigma associated with addiction.”

It is important to understand that many people living in our community suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction whether it be to prescription medications street drugs illegal substances or even a combination of these all. This is a health crisis that is devastating and is currently plaguing our nation. For these reasons it is imperative that we find solutions to this issue that will help those who are addicted to live healthy productive lives. One such solution is by finding a reputable addiction treatment center that can offer a positive and supportive environment where the addict can receive treatment while they are receiving care for their addiction.

Community Medical Services has been serving their patients for more than twenty years and is an award winning non-profit organization committed to providing high quality outpatient treatment inpatient rehab and recovery services. They also offer services to the public such as employment and education assistance. in community outreach programs. The Center strives to create a culture that is drug and alcohol free by educating the community to help people learn new techniques and effective ways to overcome substance abuse. Their goal is to offer a safe and supportive environment where those who suffer from substance abuse can get the treatment they need while they attend to their other daily responsibilities at home and in their community.

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