Flagstaff Medical Center - Phoenix AZ 85029

10851 North Black Canyon Highway Suite 760 Phoenix AZ 85029
(602) 997-2715(602) 997-2715

Flagstaff Medical Center in Phoenix AZ is a top-level hospital and level I trauma hospital. The hospital has been established in 1936 by Dr. William Sechrist, who named it after his hometown of Flagstone, Arizona. It was then donated to the local community of Flagstone in 1955, with the intention that it would provide quality medical care for the local residents. The facility is situated at 1200 N. Beaver Street on the south side of the Phoenix City limits.

The Flagstaff medical center is one of only a small handful of Level I trauma centers in the United States. The hospital is accredited by several national organizations and is listed as one of America’s Best Hospitals for Trauma Care. Its high ranking allows the hospital to be home to many research programs and studies. This facility also serves as the Phoenix area’s primary hospital and has a very large number of patients who are considered high risk. These patients are able to receive comprehensive care while under the direction of world-class physicians and staff.

The facilities within Flagstone are very similar to those of the Phoenix area hospitals and are equipped with all of the latest technology. Many patients come to this facility from out of state or other regions of the country, so that their medical care and life-saving procedures are the same at any Flagstone medical center. Patients at the Flagstone medical center receive advanced trauma care and are treated in a highly comfortable environment with many modern amenities. All of these facilities make for a safe and caring facility for the medical needs of all people.

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