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What exactly is a behavioral health center of excellence? That is an interesting question to ask and it isn’t always as easy to answer as one might imagine. It has not been defined. That is why the National Council on Behavioral Health has joined forces with Dale Jarvis and Associates in order to create a behavioral health center of excellence framework for behavioral health and drug treatment service providers nationwide. The behavioral health centers of excellence framework was created after consulting with several behavioral health centers mental health clinics addiction centers and other types of facilities. Those involved in creating the framework felt that it is important to provide some structure and order to the different programs they offer. That is why it consists of twelve major components.

These components include; Individual-Centered Services which is provided to the client rather than the physician. This includes things such as assessments treatments medication and a wide variety of other services such as case management and personal therapy. Family-Centered Services includes everything from substance abuse prevention to crisis intervention and family planning. These services are designed to bring a coordinated approach to various areas of an individual’s life. This will include services such as education treatment and prevention. Community-Centered Services will include anything that involves working with people outside of the facility. Examples include mentoring community outreach and aftercare.

The twelve elements of the framework are intended to give the staff at a behavioral health center a sense of order as well as a sense of structure. There is also a concern for providing a “culture of wellness” in which people feel respected and encouraged to seek help when they need it. There are also specific programs that can be added to any behavior health center in order to provide personalized care and quality services for those who need it. These programs will range from behavioral health screenings and intervention to counseling and psychotherapy.

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