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If you have a passion for working with the elderly and want to be able to provide them with the highest quality of care possible, you may be interested in the position of Senior Counselor, Director of Family Living and Legal Advisor at the Mitchell-Ann-Dodd-Macon Legal Services Center in Tucson AZ. As a Senior Counselor you will work closely with the attorneys, legal staff, physicians, social workers, and other professional staff at this center. You will also serve as a liaison between the center and the residents and their families. Your main responsibility will be to represent the center in all aspects of elder law including medical, financial, personal and housing law. A good Senior Counselor will always keep in mind that they need to listen to their clients and respect their needs.

Senior Counselors are an integral part of the legal team. They are there to listen and meet their clients needs and concerns. In the process, they help build strong relationships with their clients and with their lawyers. In addition to helping you meet your client’s needs and concerns, your Senior Counselor will also provide assistance in researching and drafting appropriate legal documents. This will include case law analysis, preparation of letters and briefs, preparing documents for meetings with senior doctors and other professionals. If you prefer to use a computer and/or an Internet connection, you may also take on additional clerical duties as needed. In addition, your Senior Counselor should know and be familiar with the rules and regulations of the Arizona senior court.

The position of Senior Counselor requires a great deal of dedication and commitment. It is important that you are willing to be self-motivated and willing to dedicate yourself to the mission and vision of this law center. You must also be able to work with and coordinate with your legal staff. If you enjoy working with the elderly and believe in the value of helping them, you may wish to consider this position. Senior Counselors are an integral part of our legal system. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming one. You may also wish to consult with others who have served on the staff.

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