New Foundation the A Campus for Teens & Family - Mesa AZ 85202

1303 South Longmore Mesa AZ 85202
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The new Campus for Teens and Family at Mesa AZ is being planned on the premise that young men and women are not in a position to support their family financially. Many students are now working two jobs, which means they are not only unable to pay off their debts, but they have no money left over to take care of their family. That’s why the school has come up with a plan to help make students’ debt free by providing free counseling for each student. With their program students can get the help they need to set up a budget for all their bills, which will keep them from falling into the same financial hole that so many students are finding themselves in. The program is based upon a philosophy that if you understand your own spending habits you can stop spending.

The New Foundation for Teens & Family at Mesa AZ is a non profit educational foundation and there is no charge to become a part of the program. They offer programs in all subjects, and students will have access to mentors that can teach them how to develop good spending habits. The New Foundation is committed to helping students realize their goals. This program is designed specifically to help students that need a financial boost, and is a perfect way to earn a degree without borrowing money. The New Foundation for Teens & Family at Mesa AZ can be contacted online, through their website or by phone, to receive more information about their program.

The benefits of attending this college student aid organization are priceless. Students can find the help they need to become debt free and they can take advantage of a scholarship for a student in need of financial assistance. No matter which program you choose, you will be able to get the support you need to create a plan for your finances. This will free up the funds you have been spending on other things and give you time to focus on your education. With the New Foundation for Teens & Family at Mesa AZ the student has a choice to take advantage of a college education, or help themselves financially.

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