Newman Gail Psychotherapist - Phoenix AZ 85043

5446 West Roosevelt Street Suite 111 Phoenix AZ 85043
(602) 269-9792(602) 269-9792

“Newman Gail Psychotherapist in Phoenix AZ is an addiction center that is dedicated to treating substance abuse and alcoholism.” The clinic is located at 5446 West Roosevelt Road Suite 110, Phoenix. “The Center offers a safe environment for individuals with substance abuse and alcoholism disorders to receive the treatment they need.” “Newman Gail is accredited by the state of Arizona to provide Alcoholism Treatment Programs to substance abusers. The programs are designed to help people who have a problem with alcohol or drugs stay sober, manage their addictions, and live healthy and productive lives.” “The programs offered by the Center work towards helping the patient achieve recovery and to eliminate any substance abuse or alcoholism-related problems.”

“Newman Gail is an Addiction Treatment Center that specializes in treatment of alcohol and drug issues.” “We treat the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of addictive behaviors. The main goal of our programs is to help individuals recover from addictive behaviors such as alcohol abuse, heroin abuse, prescription drug addiction, or sex addiction.” “The programs and services offered by our treatment center are designed to meet the needs of individuals with all kinds of substance abuse and addictions and can be tailored to meet individual needs.” “Our Center provides individuals with a safe, nurturing, confidential atmosphere where they are supported and equipped to lead productive lives and recover from addictive behaviors.”

“Newman Gail Psychotherapist in Phoenix AZ is a certified Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center located on the premises of Arizona State University. We are accredited by the state of Arizona to provide Alcoholism Treatment Programs for alcoholics.” “We offer outpatient detoxification services and group therapies.” “Our residential treatment centers are equipped with advanced technologies to give you the most effective outcome possible.” “We strive to offer quality programs at affordable rates with personalized services that are designed to meet your specific needs.” “To see a licensed therapist who has been certified by the State Board of Medical Examiners and has completed a 12-month training program, you will be evaluated and assessed. After you receive this evaluation, you will be placed in one of our treatment programs.”

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