Paradise Valley Behavioral Health - Phoenix AZ 85015

1586 West Campell Avenue Phoenix AZ 85015
(602) 861-1121(602) 861-1121

Paradise Valley Behavioral Health Center has been rated one of the Top 15 Behavioral Health Centers in the State of Arizona. “ASAP is Arizona’s premier outpatient substance abuse treatment program for young adults ages 12 to 18. Three centers serve the Valley, including Phoenix, Glendale, and Scottsdale.” “The primary goal of ASPAC is to provide patients with a variety of specialized substance abuse treatment services, which are tailored to meet their individual needs and goals. ASPAC’s comprehensive approach to treating substance abuse provides evidence based recovery from all types of substance abuse, from alcohol and substance abuse to drug abuse and sex addiction.”

Substance abuse treatment at Paradise Valley is focused on two main areas, prevention and detoxification. Treatment for substance abuse involves several steps, such as group meetings, individual counseling, family therapy, group therapy, medication and detoxification. In addition, other programs and services include support groups, educational workshops, recreational activities, and community education activities. “These programs and activities to help individuals who have an addiction to drugs and alcohol to overcome the challenges of addiction and regain self-respect, confidence, and self-esteem. ASPAC strives to improve the quality of life for these individuals by educating them about substance abuse, treating those who need help, and developing more positive relationships among their peers. ASPAC is committed to creating a world where drug and alcohol abusers no longer live in fear of the consequences of their actions, but rather embrace the fact that they can and should learn new skills to lead an active and meaningful life.”

“ASCAP offers one of the highest quality substance abuse treatment programs in the country, in Phoenix AZ. Our programs work by providing treatment and education, and support to the patient and family. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones become a well adjusted healthy individual who is strong and healthy.” “ASCAP is here to help you and your family to achieve your goals, no matter what type of drug and alcohol abuse or addiction you may be suffering from. ASPAC is here to help you achieve sobriety.”

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