Pathways Professional Counseling - Linden AL 36748

308 E Coats Ave, Linden, AL 36748

Pathways was founded in 1999 by Charles Stellman, a former Microsoft employee. At that time, Pathways was a small consulting firm specializing in helping small businesses become more efficient and successful. Pathways initially specialized in small business management consulting. As more companies became involved with Pathways Consulting, it became apparent to them that they needed something more. The result was Pathways Personal Development, an integrated set of software tools that focused on helping business owners achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

TheraNet was not just an application that met the short term needs of Pathologies Personal Development, but it actually surpassed in meeting the long term needs of the company and the business as a whole. TheraNet provided the key reporting and auditing capabilities for Pathologies Personal Development, while also significantly reducing the number of staff necessary for the company to operate. Pathologies Personal Development had to maintain a large staff of sales representatives, and the costs of having to hire and train such employees were much higher than they would have if they used a software system that could track their activities. Pathologies Personal Development, however, was an exceptionally good software program and it became obvious that there was room for improvement in this area. TheraNet is a sophisticated and powerful enterprise software application and was originally designed to be used as a service for large companies. Pathologies Personal Development was designed for use by a company that employed just a few individuals, and thus TheraNet was originally designed as a way to help Pathologies Professional Counseling.

With the launch of TheraNet, Pathologies had the opportunity to move to a completely different direction. Pathologies Personal Development had been designed to provide a small business owner with the kind of tools that larger corporations use in order to become more efficient and effective at running their business. By allowing Pathologies to offer these tools for free, Pathologies was able to dramatically increase its sales and reduce its costs, both of which lead to significant increases in revenue for the company. The combination of Pathologies and TheraNet brought the entire scope of the organization to new heights. It allowed Pathologies to provide its clients with better ways of planning and executing their business processes, which in turn, improved the quality of their services.

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