Pathways Professional Counseling - Northport AL 35473

4300 AL-69, Northport, AL 35476

Pathways Professional Counseling is an agency that provides professional counseling services to the client and their loved ones. The main objective of this counseling service is to make people accountable for their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. The services provided are aimed at creating an environment in which people are able to better understand and control their lives. The aim of Pathways Professional Counseling is to help people discover how to make the right decisions in life and to help them improve their relationships. The services offered by the counselors also include group therapy sessions and individual counseling.

Pathways Professional Counseling has counselors who provide both individual and group therapy. Individual therapy is normally focused on a single problem or a group of problems that the client may be experiencing. Group therapy sessions are usually focused on several issues. The most common type of group therapy at Pathways Professional Counseling is the marriage counseling program. Marriage counseling is a way to help those that are having marital issues to get back on track. Many times marriage counseling helps to re-establish the relationship between two people who are experiencing problems within their marriage. Pathways Counselors can also work with children who may have been struggling with emotional problems as well.

The goal of Pathways Professional Counseling is to help the client find the best way to deal with their problems. The professionals at Pathways have a great amount of knowledge regarding various issues and will provide the client with the information they need to achieve their goals. Counselors at Pathways Professional Counseling will discuss all of the issues with the client in an open and honest manner so that there is no question left unanswered.

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