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What is drug addiction treatment? Addiction is a progressive disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and frequent use despite adverse physical changes to the brain, which can often be lifelong. The effects of drugs, especially opiates, can be so devastating that it often takes years for recovery. Drug addiction is one of the fastest growing health problems in the United States. In fact, there are currently over 35 million adults who are dependent on alcohol or drugs, with almost one out of every four people experiencing some form of drug dependence at some point during their lives.

Treatment programs are offered by many different institutions and facilities, with many different types of drug addicts and varying degrees of severity. These programs vary from one facility to another, as well. The most commonly used treatment programs are residential, outpatient, inpatient, and outpatient. Residential drug rehab programs have the most common type of treatment, although there are also programs designed to help those who suffer from both physical and psychological addictions. Residential treatment programs are usually designed to help an addict recover from his/her dependency on drugs, though it may also include therapy for psychological aspects. Outpatient drug rehab programs are more focused on helping the addict get over his/her dependency on drugs, usually for a short period of time. There are also outpatient drug rehab programs designed to help individuals struggling with substance abuse overcome their addictions and achieve sobriety.

Drug addiction treatment can be very effective, but the process requires the help and cooperation of both the addict and his/her loved ones. An addict’s family needs to be aware of the addictive behavior, be able to provide emotional support and encouragement, and be willing to do whatever it takes to help an addict succeed. If the addict’s family does not accept the addiction, the chances of recovery are likely to be slim. It is essential to work closely with a qualified addict treatment center to find the best treatment plan for your loved one.

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