Sparks Gamma House Mountain Home AR 72653

104 E 10th St Mountain Home AR 72653

Sparks Gamma House in Mountain Home Arkansas is a sober living alternative for many residents. The residents work closely with their therapists and are given the tools they need to cope with life as a drug addict ex-addict or recovering addict. They also interact with other addicts and live in sober communities. A group therapy and group counseling are available for all who live in Mountain Home.

The Sparks Gamma House has been a popular center of attention for years. Residents are given access to an on-site addiction recovery center that allows them to take part in recovery activities. They may choose to join a peer group or participate in a group therapy session or in one of the in-home groups. Residents may attend church on a regular basis but they choose what they do according to their own schedules. They may also choose to take part in group counseling. This program was developed by the National Association of Drug Addiction and Treatment Centers.

The staff at the Sparks Gamma House are well trained and have extensive experience with treating addicts. This facility is a highly respected and valued residential treatment facility. It offers detoxification recovery and counseling. They offer residential treatment in an outpatient manner but they also have a center in a small town. This gives addicts the opportunity to meet others in their area and receive support.

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