The River Source IOP and Day Treatment - Phoenix AZ 85017

3108 W Thomas Rd # 1205 Phoenix AZ 85017
(480) 630-3982(480) 630-3982

The River Source IOP and Day Treatment in Phoenix AZ is a top rated, one-stop medical treatment facility for those with life threatening illnesses, conditions or injuries. IOP stands for in home oxygen and the Day Treatment is for day to day living with oxygen therapy. We can all attest that these treatments are not a luxury price but a necessity when it comes to living a healthy life with life threatening illnesses.

There are many types of patients who will benefit from IOP and Day Treatment in Phoenix AZ. Some of the most common patients include people who have suffered from heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s, all of which require a high level of oxygen throughout their entire body. Other patients include individuals with respiratory problems such as emphysema, COPD, and asthma. All of these conditions can cause the patient to experience difficulty breathing and a lack of oxygen within the body.

When it comes to IOP and Day Treatment in Phoenix AZ, each patient is individually assessed before they are placed into their treatment room. Each patient is then given the medication, oxygen and other supplies needed for their treatment, which includes a bed, an oxygen mask, a tube with which to administer the medication, an electric pulse monitor and a computer that monitors and records the oxygen levels within the body. In the event that oxygen levels drop below recommended levels, a medical professional will then provide supplemental oxygen to the patient, until the oxygen levels rise back up to acceptable levels. This is called home oxygen therapy.

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