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Drug rehab is a way of treatment that helps addicts overcome their addictions to drugs. This form of treatment usually involves either individual or group counseling in which you are taught techniques to deal with your addiction. Rehab also includes education regarding the risks of drug addiction, including the possible effects it could have on you and your family. Some types of drug rehab programs include drug detox and outpatient treatment programs for those with moderate to severe drug addictions.

One type of drug rehab includes residential treatment centers, in which you are taken care of by a professional team of therapists. In residential treatment centers, drug addicts live with their own families. Drug rehab centers also require the individual to go through drug detoxification and attend weekly group meetings. The detoxification period is usually extended to a few months for people who are in the treatment program for prolonged periods of time. One of the main benefits of residential rehab centers is that you will be able to live in a clean environment with your loved ones while undergoing therapy. Drug rehab is a very long process, but you can achieve the goal of sobriety in the end.

Another form of drug rehab is outpatient treatment programs. These include inpatient and outpatient programs, where addicts are allowed to stay at home, visit the doctor or hospital on their own or interact with other patients. There are different outpatient treatment programs for different types of addictions. For instance, alcohol and drug rehab centers usually require patients to undergo individual counseling and group sessions. They also have outpatient treatment programs for patients with substance abuse disorders. There are also outpatient treatment programs for women, young adults, and those recovering from traumatic injuries. This form of drug rehab requires more dedication from the addict than the residential forms.

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