Drug Abuse Programs in Columbia County, NY Discussed

chief of police, started another drug abuse program in 2016 called Chatham Cares 4 You (CC4Y).

The CC4Y is a collaboration between the Chatham Police through the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative.  

Volkmann used to give his number to people needing assistance but became overwhelmed with all the calls. He then aligned with the CCPR to create “the Hope Line” to respond the calls.

He stated that there are reasons why people did not choose to partake in drug treatment, including not being prepared or able to afford the medical coverage for the drug treatment.

Volkmann said that the Chatham police budget was $157,000 and many representatives of the community have donated money to the CC4Y project. He highlighted that donations were requested instead of flowers at funerals of people who overdosed on opioids.