Parental support key in avoiding drug abuse in adolescents

continue using what feels good.

Children of parents addicted to drugs or alcohol are three to four times more likely to become addicted themselves; 1 in 4 will become alcoholic themselves. The good news is that most of those children will likely find other sources of inspiration through peer or community help and find the inner strength to deal with their circumstances. These children can be helped to be resilient.

It’s critical to find opportunities for guidance and support in other areas of their lives, which could provide meaning and purpose to fill that emptiness, Bachman said. “That could be sports, that could be religion, that could be good therapy.”

When individuals can find a different path that meets some of those needs not present in their youth, they are more likely to follow a healthier path, Bachman said.

The bond between parent and child can be rebuilt through affection and compassion. There are plenty of places for parents to turn for help. Specialists, mental health clinics, school-based services and other community-based assistance may help.

“There is a body of evidence to suggest that offering education on parenting can bolster parenting competence which in turn results in a wide variety of improved outcomes for adolescents,” researchers stated.