Pegram Substance Abuse Treatment Center to Focus on Teens

of Cumberland Heights, stated that the goal was to open the substance abuse treatment center by the summer of 2019.

He said that Cumberland Heights adolescent program, which started in 1985, has been planning to set up an adolescent only program since 2015. He added that adolescents represented 10 percent of the residents at Cumberland Heights.

Dean Porterfield, the adolescent program director, said that teens have to be encouraged in order to be helped. He stated that they need to help the youth think and that the environment at Cumberland Heights will be ideal for that.

Porterfield indicated that Cumberland Heights wants to be a resource for the public. He also highlighted that they will try to prevent adolescents from needing substance abuse treatment altogether.

He stated that the substance abuse treatment center has been a lifesaver for adolescents and that their programs have helped relieve adolescents from the stress of their daily lives and set them back on the right track.