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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Baltimore Improved with New Facility

Baltimore will soon open a new center for people who need short-term drug and alcohol treatment. The center will provide basic services such as...

Tempe Alcohol Abuse by Adolescents Subject to Breakthrough in Prevention

The Arizona State University (ASU) recently conducted a program focused on preventing alcohol abuse by adolescents in Tempe, Arizona. The legal drinking age in the...

Alcohol Detox In Austin Boosted by New Establishment

Chris Marshall has been an addiction counselor in Austin, Texas focusing on alcohol detox for a decade. Through the years, he saw a trend...

A new candidate for alcohol addiction treatment: ibudilast

UCLA researchers sought to determine the efficacy of ibudilast in alcohol addiction treatmentĀ in a new study published last month in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Mostly...
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