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Officer Caught Smuggling Drugs into Jail

In Fulton County, Ga., a corrections officer was arrested for smuggling meth, weed, and other substances into jail. Officer Adonis Lovejoy had been working...

Lonoke Co. Sheriff’s Office to Implement New Addiction Recovery Initiative

With the growing drug epidemic, many law enforcement policies are changing tactics by attempting to help rather than fight those struggling with addiction. One...

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Seizes $8M of Cocaine

On Friday, March 23, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced that they had seized over $8 million worth of cocaine from an underground bunker...

Law enforcement explores new ways to deal with addiction

Officials at the Harford County Detention Center in Maryland plan to launch a new initiative early next year to help inmates maintain their sobriety...

Seven suspects face charges after spike in fentanyl overdoses in Tennessee

More than a dozen overdoses were reported within a 24-hour window in July in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, of which two people died and at last...

Three dozen arrested in St. Louis meth bust

An 18-month DEA investigation into a drug ring ended on October 4 in St. Louis with three-dozen arrests, a seizure of nearly 200 pounds...
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