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Price of Overdose Reversal Drug Skyrockets to $4,000 a Pack

While Evzio’s slogan is “Don’t hesitate. Be Evzio-ready,” its steep 550% markup from $575 to a whopping $4,000 will give many consumers pause. At...

Prescription Opioids Affect Addiction Treatment in Norman

Several pharmaceutical companies are being sued for developing and distributing habit-forming opioid prescriptions that have perpetuated a rise in the number of residents in...

Lorain Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers Could Expand with Waiver

Government officials are proposing to revise a Medicaid exclusion that currently limits the number of beds inpatient addiction treatment centers can have in Lorain...

How Canadian pharmacists are treating opioid addiction

Provinces across Canada are struggling with opioid use. Drug overdose deaths in British Columbia hit an all-time high last month, with 128 deaths in a...

Pharma sales rep busted for kickbacks requests medical marijuana during defense

A former pharmaceuticals sales manager who is accused by federal authorities of paying kickbacks to get doctors to write prescriptions for an opioid drug...
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