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The Escalation of Meth Use in America with Deadly Consequences

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently reported that methamphetamine use and seizures have gone up over nine times during the last eight years....

Meth Addiction Recovery in Marshfield Supported by Campaign

Methamphetamine addiction recovery in Marshfield, Wisconsin is getting a boost from a public awareness campaign. The ‘kNOw Meth’ campaign began running online videos throughout...

Houston Addiction Treatment Study Targets Meth

An innovative form of methamphetamine addiction treatment is currently being tested in Houston. An experimental substance that could treat addiction, called ADAPT-2, is being assessed...

Managing meth withdrawal and detox, new analysis

Methamphetamine withdrawal comes with life-threatening symptoms and can be extremely challenging to patients and physicians. Samantha Wiendels, an M.A. counseling psychology candidate, sought to understand...

Meth addiction rehab can reverse heart damage, new research

Rehab for meth addiction can potentially undo the heart damage caused by the drug and improve heart performance when paired with related medical treatment,...
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