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Wendy Williams Puts a Spotlight on Drug Addiction

Wendy Williams, popular American icon and hostess of the Wendy Williams Show on POP, called together a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 14...

Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Calverton Coming Soon

A healthcare provider has teamed with multiple organizations to develop a new residential substance abuse treatment center in Calverton, New York. The treatment center is...

Flight Attendant Sentenced for Suitcase of Cocaine

A woman who had been employed as a JetBlue flight attendant when she was arrested in March 2016 for abandoning a suitcase filled with...

New York City Invests in Drug Addiction Treatments

New York City is going to be dedicating more than $4 million in funds to expand addiction treatment and other services related to substance...

New York First Responders Use App to Map ODs

A new cell phone application to map opioid overdoses in real-time has been unveiled by the Nassau County Police Department. Officials hope technology can...

Bronx Teacher Killed by Fentanyl Overdose

According to investigators, a special education teacher who was found dead in a school bathroom in November died from a fatal fentanyl overdose. Toxicology reports...

Opioid prescription numbers for injured workers plummet

The number of painkilling opioids handed out to injured workers in the U.S. has seen a major drop — but remains dangerously high in...
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