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Purdue Pharma Discontinues Doctor Marketing

After decades of widespread criticism regarding its marketing practices, big pharma drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma LP has announced that it will no longer advertise...

Decline in OxyContin abuse undermined by increase in fatal heroin overdoses

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and Rand Corporation have directly linked the anti-abuse reformulation of OxyContin to the sharp rise in fatal heroin...

OxyContin targets the world

OxyContin, the powerful opioid-based painkiller, has seen a 40 percent drop in sales since 2010, and the manufacturer, Purdue Pharma, plans to recover by...

Teen drug use drops to new lows, survey shows

Teen drug use has significantly declined in the past year, according to the 2016 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey released on Tuesday by the...

OxyContin sets ‘em up, and the cartels knock ‘em down

Are doctors who overprescribe opioid painkillers and the Mexican drug cartels unwitting partners in a vicious cycle of addiction? “Sometime ago, there was a shift...
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