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Prescription Opioids Affect Addiction Treatment in Norman

Several pharmaceutical companies are being sued for developing and distributing habit-forming opioid prescriptions that have perpetuated a rise in the number of residents in...

Massachusetts Sues 16 Purdue Board Members

Massachusetts is suing 16 former and current Purdue Pharma board members and executives for their alleged role in the continuing opioid epidemic. The Attorney...

Purdue Pharma Discontinues Doctor Marketing

After decades of widespread criticism regarding its marketing practices, big pharma drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma LP has announced that it will no longer advertise...

Bipartisan coalition of attorneys general investigate opioid manufacturers

A coalition of 41 attorneys general, representing a majority of the states, announced the launch of an investigation into opioid manufacturers that sets to...

Decline in OxyContin abuse undermined by increase in fatal heroin overdoses

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and Rand Corporation have directly linked the anti-abuse reformulation of OxyContin to the sharp rise in fatal heroin...

OxyContin targets the world

OxyContin, the powerful opioid-based painkiller, has seen a 40 percent drop in sales since 2010, and the manufacturer, Purdue Pharma, plans to recover by...
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