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How Confetti Can “Cut Down” Unemployment For Women in Recovery

Throw in a market for hand-cut confetti, a choice last name, and a desire to do good, and you get Leonetti Confetti. Kylee Leonetti had...

Greeley Addiction Treatment Center for Teens Opening Next Month

A new addiction treatment center in Greeley, Colorado for adolescents struggling with substance use disorders is expected to open by October 15. The addiction...

University Adopts Expanding Collegiate Recovery Community Model

In order to support students recovering from substance use disorders, the Health and Counseling Center at the University of Denver recently announced the launch...

Oregon Gov. Declares Addiction Public Health Crisis

The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, has declared that addiction qualifies as a public health crisis for the state. On Tuesday, February 13, Brown announced...

New York First Responders Use App to Map ODs

A new cell phone application to map opioid overdoses in real-time has been unveiled by the Nassau County Police Department. Officials hope technology can...

Study: Depression Treatment Bolsters Opioid Recovery

A new study reveals that cessation of opioid abuse is more likely to be successful when depression is adequately treated. The study was published in...

Study Suggests Fewer Refills, Higher Dosages Stop Addiction

A recent study published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) suggests that the key to curbing rates of addiction causes by prescribed painkiller medications...

Trump acknowledges National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

September 2017 is officially National Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month, according to a proclamation by President Donald Trump. The proclamation, which was posted on the...

Breaking the cycle of addiction

Kayla Whitehead of McMinnville, Oregon, was 13 years old when she started taking her mother’s prescription painkillers. “My mother’s an addict herself,” Whitehead said....

Staying sober during the holidays

When in recovery from substance abuse, there’s never an easy time of year. No matter what the season, temptation can be found everywhere. Nevertheless,...
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