Social media linked to rise in prescription drug abuse

age and gender, its average patrons are males ranging in age from approximately 16 to 40 years old, as is the case with many online drug forums.

The study noted that people flock to the site to share their varying levels of self-proclaimed “expertise,” to seek out how to maximize their experience with whatever drugs they have available, as well as to simply learn about drugs and their effects. People often use resources like Dopeinfo to find drugs; the darknet has also become a popular underground network for people to locate and purchase drugs.

The researchers concluded that the modern perception of the body and mind as a place for medical experimentation is directly responsible for the increase in harm caused by the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The normalization of pharmaceuticals in our day-to-day lives has prompted people to view experimentation as a harmless learning experience. Ronka also noted that people tend to overestimate the legitimacy of online information as well as their ability to handle a drug.

Social media linked to rise in prescription drug abuse
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Social media linked to rise in prescription drug abuse
A 2017 study revealed a correlation between the popularity of social media and the rise of non-medical prescription drug use. The plethora of online social media sites are incredibly prominent and influential platforms that can be as much a nuisance as they are an asset.
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