Quitting cannabis is difficult without confidence

associated with high positive marijuana expectancies, which is consistent with the theory that positive expectancies can increase drug use by undermining self-efficacy — the more rewarding smoking appears to be, the harder it is for a patient to refuse.

For patients with strong positive expectancies, abstinence is better achieved through challenging their beliefs that smoking marijuana is rewarding.

The study, along with other similar studies, pointed out that negative expectancies lowered the likelihood of relapse independent from refusal self-efficacy. Additionally, negative expectancies held before treatment can be important motivators for abstinence.

Quitting cannabis is difficult without confidence
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Quitting cannabis is difficult without confidence
Chronic marijuana smokers who doubted their own ability to abstain had less success in maintaining abstinence after a six-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program than those who believed they could quit, a recent study showed.
Holly Lawrence
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