5K in Delaware raises $150,000 to fight drug addiction

getting new laws approved and advocating policy changes to prevent drug abuse and overdoses in Delaware, such as the Good Samaritan law, which protects 911 callers and overdose victims from getting arrested while under the influence and/or illegally possessing drugs; and the HERO HELP program, a voluntary program that offers opportunities to the local people looking for addiction treatment.   

“We need to do more,” Salter added. “Now, we’re trying to get the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association to talk to the coaches and have them keep a close eye on the athletes. Especially if they get hurt or have surgery because this was how my son got addicted, and I really think that happens often.”

The January issue of the Delaware Register of Regulations included the newest regulation aimed to protect patients who have been prescribed opioids and curb abuse. Under the new law, first-time opioid prescriptions will be limited to a seven-day supply, and the patients who need more will have to comply with a list of procedures, which includes going through an additional physical exam and signing a treatment agreement and/or informed consent form.

The new regulations will take effect on April 1 and will strive to not only monitor patients’ opiate intake but to also control the quantity initially dispensed.

5K in Delaware raises $150,000 to fight drug addiction
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5K in Delaware raises $150,000 to fight drug addiction
On March 4, more than 2,000 people came together in Delaware to participate in the fourth atTAcK addiction 5K run/walk, an annual fundraiser organized by a non-profit advocacy group that raised roughly $150,000 this year.
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