Baltimore Heroin Dealer Linked to Corrupt Cop

A Baltimore heroin dealer was linked to a corrupt cop who provided protection to a crew of dealers.

A Baltimore heroin dealer linked to a corrupt police officer used his connection to provide protection for a crew of drug dealers who are credited with being the single largest heroin supplier in the suburban Maryland counties of Harford and Baltimore.

Glen Kyle Wells, a member of the drug crew, was sentenced to a federal prison for 15 years for the role he played in the heroin ring. While Wells was only responsible for a fraction of the heroin that the crew sold, he brought Baltimore Police Detective Momodu Gondo into the operation.

Gondo and Wells had been childhood friends, and Wells was responsible for bringing Gondo into the conspiracy. Soon, the rest of the drug crew was taking advantage of the protection offered by the police officer. Gondo provided protection for the drug crew, ensuring honest police officers didn’t get the chance to apprehend the drug dealers and corrupt police officers didn’t rob their operations. In one instance, Gondo even assisted dealers by discarding a GPS tracking until that was placed by police.

According to Gondo’s testimony, Wells was his best friend, and he was dedicated to ensuring that police did not apprehend Wells.

During the long-term investigation of the heroin drug crew, Gondo’s illegal activities were uncovered, as well as a rogue squadron of seven additional police officers who may spend decades incarcerated in federal prison after cheating on overtime pay and robbing drug dealers. In October 2017, five members of the drug crew were convicted of conspiracy to sell heroin, with four members receiving sentences that ranged from 6 years to 25 years. The fifth man is scheduled to receive his sentence in March.

Gondo, who also pleaded guilty to a federal racketeering charge related to the case with the heroin drug crew, faces up to forty years in federal prison. He is currently awaiting sentencing.