BHG Medical Services Texarkana Texarkana AR 71854

2231 Trinity Blvd Texarkana AR 71854

Located just outside of downtown Dallas BHG Medical Services offers a great way for people to stay sober and free from addiction. Offering a complete range of services to individuals who are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction the facility provides everything a person could need to become sober and get on with their lives. People who have issues with substance abuse often turn to treatment centers for help and treatment but not everyone has the ability to visit one of these facilities. A place like BHG Medical Services offers many benefits and amenities to those looking to live clean and sober lives without having to depend on the support of other people. The facility is committed to helping addicts find sobriety and to working with addicts on their recovery. Because BHG is located in the heart of downtown Dallas the center has a large variety of support groups and programs that people can join.

BHG’s mission statement is to provide quality treatment and services to addicts and alcoholics who are ready to make changes in their lives and to live as a sober member of society. Offering various treatment programs including inpatient programs outpatient programs and residential programs the center focuses on helping people overcome the problems that contribute to addiction and alcoholism. There are a number of different treatment centers available to patients in BHG. The treatment center that an individual chooses depends on their individual needs. Once an individual has been accepted into one of the treatment centers they will need to follow a specific program of steps and follow the prescribed programs. While some of the treatment centers include group therapy others do not offer group therapy. BHG offers several options for those who are looking to live sober and free of substance abuse including one on one counseling group therapy family therapy and detox programs.

BHG offers its clients many options that people looking to stay clean and sober can use to help them through the difficult time. Many times a person who is struggling with addiction or alcoholism is reluctant to talk to a professional about their issues and they may feel ashamed and embarrassed by talking about the issues in a group setting. This makes it very difficult to overcome the problems and make improvements in ones life. BHG offers many ways to help people overcome their problems and become a healthier and happier person.

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