Brookdale Fort Smith Fort Smith AR 72903

5501 Duncan Rd Fort Smith AR 72903

“Brookdale Fort Smith Sober Living in Fort Smith Arkansas” is a new program created to change lives for the better. “Imagine your future enhanced with exciting people a wonderful place where health is a real reality not just a fantasy. A new life filled with love and understanding for those you care about. A new home to create a family with the special person in your life. And a home where your sense of direction is not a fantasy but reality.”

“Brookdale Fort Smith Sober Living in Fort Smith Arkansas” provides a sober living environment with treatment options for those who are drug or alcohol addicted suicidal suffering from depression self-destructive or have had bad relationships in their past. The main goal of this treatment center is to give individuals a positive alternative to drug or alcohol addiction and help them to recover from problems in the long term. “Brookdale Fort Smith Sober Living in Fort Smith Arkansas” offers several detoxification programs. In the first phase of the treatment plan patients will go through detox and a treatment program to remove any addictions such as alcohol and drugs. During this time they will be given treatment options such as hypnotherapy acupuncture exercise meditation and massage. They will also have counseling sessions to help them deal with stress and other issues that may affect their recovery and help them to remain sober.

“Brookdale Fort Smith Sober Living in Fort Smith Arkansas” also provides outpatient programs that allow the patients to stay in the treatment facility while still having family visits. Family visits can include therapy yoga classes and other activities for a complete healing experience. The treatment center is staffed by a team of doctors therapists nurses social workers and other mental health professionals. who work with each patient as a team to make sure that each patient is on the right track to recovery and can start living a sober life. The center provides individualized treatment plans with different treatments based on each person’s needs. Each patient is evaluated on a case by case basis and the plan designed specifically for them to maximize their ability to recover and to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. There is no need for expensive treatment when there is a “sober living” program that works for you.

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