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Community Health Associates is a national nonprofit organization that promotes quality community health care and encourages community participation in its mission. Community Health Associates seeks to help promote improved health care by promoting partnership among healthcare providers families and communities. Community Health Associates is made up of an alliance of five community-based organizations: Partnership For Healthy Communities Health Care in Action (HCIA) Partners for Healthy Communities (PHCHC) Partnership for Prevention (PP) and The Partnership for Quality Healthcare (PPQH). In partnership with many other public private non-profit and government organizations the organizations strive to promote healthy communities by educating individuals and families on their role in reducing the need for unnecessary health care.

Community Health Associates focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and family-oriented programs that provide assistance to those who are at risk of needing health care. Community Health Associates is also dedicated to increasing access to quality healthcare for people in need. Community Health Associates provides assistance to its members with health care referral and information as well as providing education to local agencies on how they can benefit from Community Health Associates partnerships. It provides education and marketing resources to assist its members in developing partnerships that will ensure that they receive quality care. The organization is dedicated to promoting positive outcomes by using tools such as newsletters articles webinars seminars and conferences.

The goal of Community Health Associates is to improve the quality of life and the quality of lives of the people who live in healthy communities. Community Health Associates seeks to empower its members through a variety of tools including newsletters community development and programs education and marketing resources. Community Health Associates encourages its members to work together to promote and support healthy lifestyles. The community health associations provide programs and services that educate individuals and families about the importance of healthy lifestyles. Community Health Associates members work toward building healthy and safe communities while at the same time ensuring that their members have access to quality care.

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