Dr. Richard Cunningham - Auburn AL 36830

1100 S College St #108c Auburn AL 36830

As an orthopedic doctor in Denver Dr. Richard Cunningham’s patients – professional athletes and everyday weekend warriors alike – report impressive results and high levels of satisfaction. With a full line of sports medicine equipment and innovative treatments this Denver based orthopedist works diligently with his patients to help them return to top shape and ultimately reach their full potential. His clients include professional athletes like NFL footballers and professional soccer players as well as many non-professional athletes who just want to feel good and be healthier.

I got into orthopedics because I thought I needed to be better prepared for the NFL says Richard. But then I realized that it’s not just about having the perfect hips or legs it’s about having the right mind-set. And he believes that when you have a positive mental outlook you’ll naturally get better at whatever you’re working toward including your physical health. I think it’s just a matter of changing what’s going on around you and learning to enjoy life a little more.

As a football player I used to play through pain – but now I think of every play as a challenge and every day as a chance to improve myself says Richard. If I can help one other football player realize his dream of playing on Sundays then I’ll have accomplished my goal.

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