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Haven International is a global logistics outsourcing company that automates all logistics for ocean shipping companies. It operates out of Singapore Basel and San Francisco and is one of the leading operators of container logistics in the world. It is considered as one of the first pioneers of online logistics and has been involved in developing online customer ordering systems. The company has over 30 years of expertise in marine shipping and is well recognized for its excellent track record. The company also provides custom services to clients who have their own specific business needs. Haven provides complete logistical and terminal operations services for the most complex shipments that require multiple steps to complete.

Haven International is a leader in logistics outsourcing and their solutions are used by all types of marine companies. Their highly specialized and custom-developed services include container handling air freight services air carrier and sea-going services and terminal operations. Haven offers flexible customized and cost effective solution to manage your cargo shipping business effectively. Their wide array of services include multi-functional transportation terminals custom dockyards air carrier logistics and multi-functional shipping containers among others. All of these services enable you to streamline your operations increase your profit margins minimize your risks and improve on your competitiveness.

Haven International is one of many leading logistics outsourcing companies in Asia Pacific region. They have a proven record in providing top notch services for the shipping and distribution industries. The company was founded by four people who shared a passion for helping people connect to the global marketplace. Today they operate from their headquarters in Singapore and from a branch office in San Francisco California. The company offers a variety of services ranging from shipping containers to container loading equipment and more.

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