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Dr. Jay Summers is one of the most respected and highly rated surgeons in Mesa, Arizona. His practice specializes in cosmetic, reconstructive, orthopedic and reconstructive surgery. A highly regarded resident of the United States Air Force Reserves, Dr. Summers was trained at the University of Denver and was then commissioned by the Air Force as an officer.

During his years of service, Dr. Jay gained a great deal of expertise and experience in the fields of orthopedics, cosmetic surgery and the rehabilitation field. He has been named to many medical journals and other publications for his contributions. He was the first recipient of the prestigious John MacNeill Memorial Award in orthopedics and reconstructive surgery from the American Orthopedic Society. Jay Summers also was named by Orthopedic Surgeon Magazine as one of the “100 Best Surgeons” in the U.S.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Jay Summers PhD, or if you are in need of a plastic surgeon or orthopedist in Mesa, Arizona, then contact him directly at his website. His main office address is PO Box 1180, Phoenix, Arizona 85002. If you would rather not speak with him face to face, you can always contact him through his business email.

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