La Frontera Center - Tucson AZ 85705

1141 West Grant Road Suite 100 Tucson AZ 85705

La Frontera Center is a community-based outpatient mental health facility located in Tucson Arizona near the north part of Tucson. The La Frontera center has been named as one of America’s Top 10 Community Mental Health Facilities by USA Today.

SAPIC (the program) is an APA accredited internship program founded in 1968 the La Frontera center is among the first nine community mental health facilities established during the first stages of the community mental healthcare movement. The center provides quality services for people with a variety of mental health and substance abuse problems. There are two main areas of focus for the center. The first is community treatment and the second is individual treatment for clients who have limited access to community services. There are also outreach programs and employment opportunities for clients. SAPIC along with other community mental healthcare centers offers a variety of different community focused programs that are available to those that live within the community.

If you are looking for a good community-based program that is not so crowded and offers better rates than what you would get at any hospital in Las Vegas check out the La Frontera center. You can find out more information about the program by contacting their office directly or by visiting their website. There is information on what kind of housing is offered and how long the program will last. If you are looking for a quality mental health center that has a lot of affordable housing and is located near a busy city then the La Frontera center could be the place you want to look.

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