Miracle Center - Tucson AZ 85716

2919 East Broadway Boulevard Suite 210 Tucson AZ 85716
(520) 323-5033(520) 323-5033

“Miracle Centers” is the name given to the programs run by the Miracle Center in Tucson AZ. The mission of the organization is to provide women with a safe place to live and get assistance when it comes time to transition out of the homeless life. It is an organization that serves all walks of life and helps people find hope in their lives after being homeless for too long. Each year Miracle centers work hard to bring in more services and resources for the community in hopes of providing a better future for all. Our goal is to help individuals get the help they need without having to become homeless.

Miracle centers believe in helping women get back on their feet by offering hope, a new direction, a chance to rebuild a life, and self-esteem building activities that will improve their lives. They work closely with each client to plan an exit strategy that will help her get back on track, while still maintaining a safe, secure place for herself. Each person receives individualized attention that will help her in the transition process. The services offered are geared towards getting them back on their feet and becoming a positive force in their community. In most cases clients may be offered a home, or they may have to be placed in foster homes for short term or longer term stays. No matter the plan, we are committed to helping clients succeed and moving them from the streets to a loving and stable home. We also offer job placement services that can assist them in finding a job as they start to rebuild their life.

Our mission is to provide a safe haven for homeless women by providing a supportive environment where women can meet, share, learn, and support one another. This environment is built on the belief that one woman is never complete without another. We believe that true healing comes from having someone beside you who cares, believes in you, and understands that you are a unique person. That’s why we believe that Miracle centers in Tucson AZ will make a huge difference in the lives of women in our community and beyond.

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