Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital - Chandler AZ 85225

2190 North Grace Boulevard Chandler AZ 85225

Oasis Behavioral Hospital & Treatment Center are a highly regarded Acute Psychiatric Hospital serving the adult inpatient requirements of adults children and adolescents. Oasis offers long term care options to patients so that they can continue with their recovery from mental health issues. This is achieved by providing the client with in home assistance individualized therapy and in some cases psychotherapy. These types of services are generally provided on an outpatient basis as opposed to using the more traditional in patient programs. This allows the doctor staff and patient to work together towards a well informed and planned program.

Oasis Behavioral is housed in an urban setting but their facility allows them to provide services to those in the surrounding area. This means that families and the community are able to receive care and be close by for family members who are away at work or school. The mental health and recovery programs at the hospital are designed to give patients the help that they need so they can get on the path of recovery. This is done through various types of therapies medication and group programs.

A full range of mental health services is available for all ages and developmental levels. These include the psychotherapy and in home assistance that help patients deal with stress and depression. In addition there are many other types of activities and programs that offer therapeutic support to patients in the community. There are also programs that help those suffering from substance abuse and addiction. By choosing an in home health care provider such as Oasis Behavioral Arizona families and communities can benefit greatly from the wide array of mental health services that are offered to them.

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