West Alabama Mental Health - Demopolis AL 36732

417 Glynhaven St, Demopolis, AL 36732

The Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program (OTAP) at West Alabama Medical Center is intended to serve patients who suffer from addiction as they stay in the local community. These services are available for all residents of the M-11 Catchment area, who meet admissions criteria set for the specific programs. The center offers detoxification, counseling and support groups to help patients who participate in its programs recover. The center also provides a complete range of services to provide a healthy lifestyle for its patients, including residential and outpatient services.

In addition to offering an alcohol and drug detox program, the center offers psychiatric, psychological and medical services that provide a wide variety of mental health services to individuals, couples and families. The mental health services offer assistance to individuals, couples and families dealing with mental health and addictions. The outpatient treatment program includes individual, family and group therapy. The outpatient treatment program is accessible to any patient. Counselors and therapists are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to meet with patients. During their first visit, counselors help them develop a personalized plan of action to combat their addiction and mental health challenges.

The Center works with the Family Court system to provide a complete range of services to families who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues. This includes family court supervised parenting plans and custody hearings. The Family Court system provides education on how the courts can better provide resources and supports for struggling families. The treatment centers work with both the local courts and the state courts to ensure that the program is conducted within the legal framework of Alabama. The treatment centers work closely with each court and provide a comprehensive case management process for families who are experiencing court ordered substance abuse or addiction issues.

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