The most important factors of relapse to drug abuse

most influential element of the category, preceding occupational exposure to substances, job loss, and overall dissatisfaction with a position. The researchers highlighted that these findings differ from previous studies, which have concluded that occupational factors were the main cause of relapse to drug abuse.

Economic circumstances were found to be the fourth most significant factors associated with relapse to drug abuse. The economic factors that influenced relapse the most were: Poverty, bankruptcy, low cost of toxic substances, earning power and wealth.  

The authors pointed out that several studies focused on relapse to drug abuse have been conducted in the past, but determining exactly every factor that influences relapse after a person has been in engaged in recovery is not possible because of several variations. “[Factors related to relapse] depend on the diversity of use as well as economic, social, and cultural differences of the societies,” researchers stated. “Treatment conditions and personal or environmental characteristics influence the results of treatment.”