‘a significant minority’ of students who admitted to nonmedical use of prescription drugs also reported negative sexual events.

Of the three drug classes that were analyzed, anxiolytics/sedatives contributed to regretted sex among both male and female students. Neither one of the other two drug classes were associated with victimization or sexual perpetration. Researchers did, however, find a correlation between sexual perpetration and illegal drugs.

There were several reasons why anxiolytics/sedatives were associated with regretted sex. Among them were compromised memory and vigilance.

Another study conducted in 2014 showed that many college students mix anxiolytics like Xanax with alcohol, which can cause blackouts and subsequently lead to sexual experiences they regretted. Some students reported that they couldn’t remember sexual activity that occurred after the use of anxiolytics.

“The consistent relations we found between anxiolytic/sedative use and multiple (negative sexual events) should concern parents and college administrators, given the potential for additional secondary negative events,” researchers wrote.