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Although DUI Rates Decrease Across US, Officials Remain Concerned

A man driving under the influence of alcohol was more threatening than Michael Myers this past Halloween after causing property damage and injuring multiple...

The Effects and Growth of Alcohol Abuse on First Responders

Ten California firefighters were brought back to work this month after being fired for alcohol abuse while on the job. Those men were among...

The Growing Issue of Substance Abuse in the Food Service Industry

While cases of customers who suffer drug-related overdoses in private businesses are common, food service industry workers endure an increasing number of issues associated...

The Impact of Drinking by College Students in the US

Drinking in college in the U.S. has fluctuated over the years but remains steady, according to a survey — Monitoring the Future, by the...

Batesville Alcohol Abuse Program Teaches Adolescents Prevention

A new report has highlighted the positive outcomes of an alcohol abuse program in Batesville, Indiana that promotes prevention among adolescents in Franklin and...

Auburn Addiction Treatment for Teens Supported by Schools

Educators and school district officials in Auburn, Alabama and other nearby cities have joined Lee County’s District Attorney to assist students who may require...

Addiction Treatment Center in Monroe to Open This Fall

A new addiction treatment center is set to open later this fall in Monroe, Michigan with the help of grant money. It will specifically...

Alcoholism Treatment Model in Traverse City Lets People Drink

A house that welcomes men who have experienced homelessness and have been going through alcoholism treatment in Traverse City, Michigan uses a model of...

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Baltimore Improved with New Facility

Baltimore will soon open a new center for people who need short-term drug and alcohol treatment. The center will provide basic services such as...

Tempe Alcohol Abuse by Adolescents Subject to Breakthrough in Prevention

The Arizona State University (ASU) recently conducted a program focused on preventing alcohol abuse by adolescents in Tempe, Arizona. The legal drinking age in the...
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