‘Connect 2 Disconnect’: new campaign educates parents on opioids

40 percent of high school seniors don’t think it is harmful to try heroin once or twice.

“The District Attorney in this county has been in office for just over three years now,” he said. “Since the beginning of his tenure, he has made it clear that we are going to use our position as public prosecutors to do more than just lock people up for committing drug offenses. Certainly, part of the solution is to deal with drug dealers and dry out the supply of illegal drugs in this county. But we have been very vocal for really more than three years now about trying to connect with our communities, educating people about the dangers of drugs, and steering people toward addiction treatment if they need. The “Connect 2 Disconnect” campaign is a part of our educational outreach and our next step in reaching out to our community so they can stay away from drugs.”