Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Eatontown Receives Certification

Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Eatontown Receives Certification

A substance abuse treatment center in Eatontown, New Jersey has recently received a certification that demonstrates the quality and safety of its services.

The certification, the LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification, was awarded to the center after a rigorous application and review process.

The established criteria to be met during the process looks to prevent unethical business practices as well as disreputable behaviors among advertisers.

The LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification is the only kind of certification that is currently available to be provided to substance use disorder treatment facilities that have been recognized by Google and Facebook to vet advertisers for eligibility.

The evaluation process includes criminal background checks in addition to verifications of all past licenses and insurances accepted by the facility.

During the process, the substance abuse treatment center is required to submit a written copy of its procedures as well as policies. The requirement aims to find out whether or not the facility is committed to the implementation of top-rated and evidence-based practices of care. The prerequisites also look at whether or not the addiction treatment centers that are applying to receive the certification focus on making continuous improvements.

The team of professionals at LegitScript specializes in online activities that are considered to be of high risk. The team regulates several different areas including e-commerce channels, payment, telemedicine and pharmaceutical services.

Even though LegitScript has operating entities in more than 20 regions of the world, its addiction treatment certification is only available for service providers and centers that are located in the country.

The substance abuse treatment center, Advanced Health & Education, offers traditional and alternative addiction treatment programs to the community members who are struggling with any type of substance use disorder.

Interventions, drug detoxification, inpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, group therapy sessions, partial care and aftercare programs are some of the services available at Advanced Health & Education.

The substance abuse treatment center also features a team of professionals that specialize in a range of different therapies — from classically-trained behavioral therapists and clinicians to chiropractors, yoga instructors, and acupuncturists.

The center has been providing services to the region for more than four decades, featuring state-of-the-art facilities with customized programs; every patient at Advanced Health & Education gets assigned to a team of interdisciplinary specialists who will plan, implement, and monitor each step of their recovery process.

The substance abuse treatment center has been a part of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and has received an accreditation from the Jersey Department of Human Services Office of Licensing among other certifications.

Yet, the CEO of the substance abuse treatment center stated that the entire team is proud to earn the LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification and also emphasized that the accreditation is a significant step to improve the transparency of the practices of addiction treatment providers and to legitimize the industry.