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Tag: depression

Study: Depression Treatment Bolsters Opioid Recovery

A new study reveals that cessation of opioid abuse is more likely to be successful when depression is adequately treated. The study was published in...

Children with mental health disorders found to be at high risk...

New research has shown that people who battle mental health disorders as children are at greater risk of developing addictions as adults. Dutch researchers launched...

Major opioid use linked to mental health disorders

A new study has revealed that people with anxiety or depression account for a huge portion of prescription opioid use. Only 16 percent of adults...

The link between drug abuse and postpartum depression

A new study from North Carolina State University (NCSU) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) revealed that a woman’s lifelong record of drug...

Gambling addiction continues to be a concern in the UK

The U.K. spends more than £100m a year in health services related to problem gambling, according to a recent report by U.K.-based charity GambleAware. According...
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