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Addiction Treatment in Lafayette Boosted By Methadone Clinic

A methadone clinic opened last month in Lafayette, Ind. to assist residents in need of addiction treatment. The clinic’s program is one of many...

Addiction Treatment Center in Zanesville Offers Outpatient Services

The Zanesville, Ohio community welcomed the opening of a new addiction treatment center last month. The new center, called Zanesville Treatment Services (ZTS), is run...

Savannah Drug Abuse Program Looks to Destigmatize Methadone Use

A drug abuse program implemented by an addiction rehabilitation center in Savannah, Georgia is using medication-assisted treatment to help the community members who have...

Opioid overdose survivors often not offered interventions

Hospitalized patients who survive an opioid overdose provide critical moments for interventions, but a new study exposes a shortfall in salvaged opportunities for advocating...

Research reveals vulnerable opioid addiction treatment system

A new study has revealed that a tiny proportion of doctors are responsible for handing out the majority of treatment drugs to those battling...

Methadone and buprenorphine treatment retention curbs risk of death

Retention during methadone and buprenorphine treatment is associated with significant reductions in risks of death and deadly overdoses among people dependent on opioids, a...

The changing perception of heroin and maintenance treatment drugs

A recent study explored the perceived dangers, symbolism and cultural framing surrounding opioid, heroin and maintenance treatment substances among licit and illicit drug users...

Methadone: Are liquid handcuffs the best solution?

Due to the side effects and risks linked to methadone, many countries around the world do not allow the drug to be used for...
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